Richland Christian Church

5913 West Adams Street

PO Box 219

Richland, IN 47634

Office phone: 812-359-4603

Drex Stuart, Minister 

cell phone: 270-315-5244

Jo’s cell phone: 270-231-5962


Rebekah Wittman, Youth Director

cell phone: 502-572-4769


Sarah Mullican, Youth Director

cell phone:  812-573-7499

Paula Harris, Worship Director


Dick Moyer 812-649-9701

Roy Jackson 812-359-4955

Charles Meece 812-359-4593

Jewell McKinney 812-359-4443


Contact any of the elders if you are unable to attend Sunday services and would like communion brought to you.


To have a prayer request phone call made "Phone Tree", call Dick Moyer at the number listed above.


To reserve the church for any reason (committee meeting, Bible study, play practice, etc.), call Barbara Tuley at 812-359-5097 or


To have items put in the bulletin (announcements, prayer requests, etc.), contact Linda Garrett at 812-359-4906 or