Richland Christian Church

“Our mission is to care for orphans and to use pop culture to introduce the 1st world to the orphans of the world. The outworking of the children's village will be to provide for the family nurturing of a loving home, a viable Christian witness, attention to the medical needs of the children, and the proper education of each child.

Our vision is to raise a generation of orphans raised by their own culture who will change their country so orphanages are empty and we are out of a job.

Michelle Meece is a Missionary RCC supports.
She also works with the hands and feet project.


The Way of Rockport was formed in 2006 with the goal of restoring lives damaged by addiction to drugs and alcohol.
Programs offered include four separate Celebrate Recovery groups in two locations, a long-standing local jail ministry, and placement services into long-term drug rehab facilities in Indiana and other states as well.
Our participant’s successes are inspiring others in the community to make similar changes in their own lives.

Camp Illiana has been a source of inspiration to the thousands that have experienced its tranquility and beauty since 1949. The Camp is located four miles south of Washington just off of Troy Road on East County Road 450 South.